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Need for Freedom

For many, hardly any need has such a seductive sound as freedom: to act or not to act, as you want! However, this is not as simple as it seems. There are plenty of examples which can teach you about this, how much you can be mistaken with regards to that which you want and how long it remains enjoyable to simply be free. You must be passionate, have the ability to take set-backs, to carry risks and to overcome dangers, be insensitive to the rather conventional expectations of the social environment (“What are you doing there??!”), be able to experiment and not be too dependent upon quick success. Viewed in this way, it is a precondition that you must pursue competently the need to live freely. If, then, other internal critical voices arise (“This is not going to amount to anything, anyway!”, “What on earth were you thinking about again?”, “Must you always bring everything into a muddle?”, “What are you going to do when none of this works and you are then old?”), then it becomes even more difficult. Add to this organisational obligations and structures (“This cannot be done like that with us!”), or threats (“If you do not stick to the rules, you will have to leave!”), and then it definitely becomes tricky. This is an occasion for counselling which pays off.

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