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Meta Dynamics

From 2019 you will gradually find here explanations to the cross-references concerning the dynamics of people, teams, conflicts and organisations.

These are, in particular, about how these dynamics mutually rest on each other, limit each other, enable, irritate and stabilise each other. These relationships are necessary for an understanding of change processes, because otherwise the forces of inertia, which are created by the coupling of these dynamics, are neglected. In the interaction of different (functional) systems, intrinsic values as well as overload symptoms are created, which can be described and used in consultancy.

When one focuses on (decision-making) processes in all the guiding distinctions presented here, it is possible to work out the means by which systems can couple or effectively (over-) stabilise through forms. This makes it easier to understand why so many systems would rather suffer, wallow in or result in sustained conflicts, rather than changing. Why this is so, will be explained here and the consequences for consultancy will be developed.

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