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Maintaining implausibility

The decision to make something plausible is always functional when, by this method, I gain information which gives me a better basis regarding other (guiding-) decisions. Whether I associate something with myself or the environment, how I shape my needs regulation, whether I wish to affirm or deny something, whether I can do something or not, whether I wish to feel something more deeply or not, that is the question. Where one doesn’t understand oneself plausibly, one is in danger of devaluing oneself, (“stupidly I lost the plot!”) instead of affirming one’s own actions. One is threatened with seeing things as unalterable, (“that’s just the way I am”) though they are changeable; one is inclined to repress one’s needs, (“this will only lead to misfortune”), where there might be scope for finding happiness and much more in other things. Thus, it can be a sign that counselling is required when you suffer because of something which you cannot, yourself, fathom out. When you understand yourself or the process, it is probable that new and different possibilities emerge. Not understanding yourself is risky, where you have a chance of understanding.

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