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Leadership Aspects of Uniqueness

Uniqueness is relevant for leadership in many respects. Firstly, it is because leaders often require this need in order to do their job, particularly when it revolves around innovation, creativity, self-assertion, exposure or believing in something. It is also necessary in order to motivate others, to inspire them, give them the feeling that it is worthwhile to be led.

It is equally important when it is about satisfying the uniqueness desire of the employees: praising promptly, giving others the stage, empowering them in their abilities; these things are essential for a leader. Ultimately, it is all about representing one’s own area, within the organisation and externally to customers, suppliers etc. Here, too, communication skills and taking joy in representing are usually necessary and helpful.

Frustration competence is particularly important at this point, because leading always means also being able to cope with setbacks or being able to accept losing an argument. Not needing to be offended or insulted in such an event, but rather, being able to handle this well, is essential, if one does not wish to become unfavourably embroiled in conflict with oneself or others.

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