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Leadership Aspects of Freedom

Leadership functions through the enabling and taking up of chances, creatively and innovatively shaping the future and it has the task of bringing to fruition necessary adaptations to changed environmental conditions. All this requires personnel who have access to their freedom need and who can regulate this well, even during difficult conditions. As security is the hygiene factor in the leadership context, so freedom is the motivation factor.

One term, which has gained ground in management slang in the context of freedom, is vision. The free and permissive design of an attractive and achievable future is a core requirement of leaders in quickly changing markets and with high innovation pressure. Here the ability to free oneself from past success in favour of risky innovation is particularly important. However, this, in particular, has a direct relationship to the psychological competences in the freedom need: having a nose for emerging trends, having commitment when there are setbacks and trusting in one’s own abilities are all characteristics of such freedom competence.

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