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Guiding Process Team Reflection

Every team decides which subjects (factual, social, seasonal) can be discussed officially and openly. Here the guiding process team reflection can be seen. The guiding distinction consists of the question: “What is reflected upon explicitly and what remains implicit?”.

You can tell that this decision is being made by the fact that there are subjects in each team which are not discussed. Sometimes no one knows why, sometimes the taboo is justified and sometimes nobody knows why one ought to discuss something (in a way, the subject is then solved). Such communication barriers (“We won’t even start on that subject!”) can be helpful. But often they can also have a detrimental effect on motivation and work results. Thus, teams are required to systematically reflect upon what should be reflected upon and what one should cease to reflect upon – and, then, to simply act. Reflection is directly related to the ability of the team to direct itself explicitly. For counselling the question presents itself, therefore, as to which subjects can be and should be brought up, who has an interest in this and who not, who gives the impulse or the mandate for it and with which objectives does one broaden the reflection framework

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