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Guiding Process Team Preservation

For team preservation it must decide how it respects the interests of its members, but also that of the organisation. These conflicted decisions form one of the six guiding processes of each team-dynamic. The guiding distinction consists of the question: “Is this being decided for the benefit of the organisation or for that of the employee’s environment?”

This question, or rather, the need for a decision may, at first sight, seem unusual. But if one assumes, as is metatheoretically deducible, that the interests of the external environment (rest of the organisation, customer etc.) are principally different to that of the inner environment (team members), then each team is characterised by how it deals with this conflict in expectations. In all that it does, it is then either team-member orientated or organisation-orientated.

Therefore, for counselling, an understanding of these correlations is critical, because the counsellor otherwise quickly runs the danger of connecting solely with the interests of the team-members and thus threatens to damage the team and the organisation.

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