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Guiding Process Self-Perception

Self-perception is one of the eight guiding processes of psycho-dynamics. The underlying decision can be found in the question: – “How do I (don’t I) feel?”

That which people want to perceive in themselves determines what they can feel responsible for. Only where awareness exists can it be influenced and controlled. Nobody wants to, or ought to, feel everything. This would completely overburden a person and allow nothing to become concise. With regard to change, it is decisive how concise or diffuse a matter is perceived to be. Because only that which has already been perceived concisely can change.

A process of perception is concise if it can be verbally articulated, if it is associated with an effect, if it is permitted to be comprehensively experienced and visible to the outside. An experience is diffuse, if it lies in the background, pale, vague, unnamed or only referred to in general terms.

The (re)discovery of self-awareness is an essential aspect of counselling processes.

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