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Guiding Process Regulation of Needs

Regulation of needs is one of the eight guiding processes of psychodynamics. The decision which each person must make consists of the following question: “What do I (don’t I) want?”

The dynamics of a psychological system requires the continuous regulation of your own desires. If you have access to your needs, you can feel comfortable with yourself and your (social) environment. Thus, the ability to recognise needs, to categorise them and to know they can be satisfied and how, play an important role.  Needs function as a type of signal system. They are constantly either facilitated or inhibited. Both are important for reacting appropriately in a particular situation. Good regulation of needs always requires contact with your (social) environment, as no person can be happy without others. As a rule, psychological impairment begins when certain needs are no longer recognised, when they must be constantly satisfied, continuously inhibited or superimposed by substitute needs.

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