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Guiding Process Goal processing

When it comes to working on goals, each team must make decisions regarding its problems and interests. Therefore, goal processing is one of the six guiding processes of team-dynamics.  The options which have to be processed are these: “Does it solve problems or work on interests?“

Each problem in organisations is subject to conflicting interests – and every conflict of interest will be rekindled again and again by certain problems. Therefore, each team must decide if it should focus on developing a technically good solution. With this, though, they take the risk of ending up with something which damages so many interests that it is not desired or is not enforceable. Alternatively, it can insist upon consulting everyone to search for meaningful compromises (e.g. with other teams), only to find out that this compromise will not solve the problem, but will constantly rekindle it.

The dealing with this guiding process usually generates conflict, which is often the cause for seeking counsel. In this process it is also critical (!) that the counsellor can maintain an overview of both sides of the paradox.

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