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Forms of Reflection

The forms which a team can adopt to reflect upon its guiding processes, must be decided by them.

• Time dimension: Should this happen regularly or where there is a definite impetus? Should it be a prolonged session (workshop) or at the end of every meeting? How much time is given to each issue?
• Social dimension: Who will participate in the creation of a reflection list? Who can prevent the discussion of issues or veto them? Who must, or ought to take part in the discussions? Who prepares? Who moderates? Does one look for external moderation?
• Factual dimension: How do the topics for reflection come about? Does one use a topic structure, a list of conceivable reflection points or open interviews by an external moderator? What topics are respectively prioritised?

Are all these questions decided once (in principle), or is everything decided on an optional and situational basis? The reflection forms of the team constitute an important aspect of its team culture.

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