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Experiencing without a Belonging Desire

What probably happens in the experiencing of people if they do not permit or seek any, or hardly any belonging? Either they feel they are sufficient in themselves or they feel rejected. Within cultures, in which self-respect is very dependent upon the belonging to a community, families, clans etc., it is understandably riskier to exclude oneself than it is in a culture which is based very much on individualism and in which everyone is the creator of their own good fortune.

However, in experiencing, a suffering or defiant aloneness remains in both variations, which has a critical effect, especially if, on the other side of the polarity – in uniqueness – encouragement remains absent. Then such people, in a manner of speaking, tumble into the void – one can think in particular of some prominent people in the media world, who, after their career, fall into addiction and depression, because the cameras and interviews have stayed away.

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