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Dialogic Method

The underlying thought is quite easy: No one can be human on their own. Where there is no community, there is no individuality either. Being a person is always based upon being in relationship to others. Being in relationship to one another leads to a constant flow which determines life, and which cannot be held onto. Only that, which changes itself, can survive. This ‘being in relationship’ is, in our view, fundamental for coaching work: a robot can say words, but he does not say them to someone. A robot dog can bark, but he is not barking at someone. Human brains are resonating devices for other human brains. Without participation, without being involved in a social setting the human will wither. He does not even learn to talk. Nobody can learn to know or understand themselves, let alone make themselves understood, without competence in relating. The relationship between consultant and client is now generally viewed as the fundamental factor for the success of (individual) change processes.

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