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Counselling Techniques (Psyche)

A technique which is not understood becomes a trick. This statement by Gestalt Therapist Fritz Perl still applies today. Counselling tools build upon the counsellor’s self-perception, his perception of others and his internal attitude. Furthermore, the counsellors require a comprehensive, theoretical map, so that they know why they use exactly this intervention, for this client’s concern, at this particular point in time, with this intention and in this particular way, with this client-appropriate explanation. Even the ‘brevity’ of Fritz Perl’s statement reveals the many dependencies of counselling interventions. The challenge for the counsellor is, therefore, not to just know the right technique, but to apply it correctly. At the same time, there are many ways to get to Rome, therefore, the approach must also fit the counsellor and his personality. Otherwise he is not authentic and effective. Thus, there is no ‘correct’ procedure. However, there definitely are wrong procedures. Wrong is everything which encourages dysfunctional decision-making premises and processes in the client, which happens without contact and relatedness, which seeks to improve him and works on his change, which encourages him to reject himself and which makes it easier for him to experience himself as the victim of circumstances or other people.

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