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Contract Clarification with the Team Leader

Contract clarification is a reciprocal event. It doesn’t revolve around a team leader giving a definite contract and the consultant making an effort to obtain it. In this case, no team development is taking place – rather, the consultant becomes the long arm of the team leader in order to train the team to his liking! Nor does it revolve around the consultant, as expert, presenting a concept to the team leader, which he should purchase and which will make the team a better team. In this case, no team development takes place either; rather, the consultant turns his normalising improvement concept over to an unsure team leader and his team.

A metatheoretical, professional contract clarification takes place

• when the concerns of the team leader are discussed and they can be examined and questioned as to their meaning (some question concerning this can be found here <a href=””>hier</a>),
• when, on the basis of this, the contents of the team leader’s aims for team development are retained,
• when the consultant asks questions and receives answers which enable him to form initial hypotheses regarding the patterns of the team with regard to the six guiding processes,
• when the further contract clarification process has been discussed with the team and
• when a procedure is agreed about how the concerns of the team members with those of the leader and the suggestions of the consultant can converge into a complete concept.

It is clear that these steps sometimes require more loops in real life or must be walked more quickly than desired and, on occasions, must be completely skipped over.