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Connectedness Regulation in Teams

In the context of their interaction patterns, teams regulate how close the coupling of the employees is on the experience level. This dictates how strongly the interactions are with feelings or also sobriety and, with it, how connected team members feel with each other.

In teams, which are close, nobody needs to feel alone. You give each other support, enquire after each other’s experiences and are very relevant to each other. That, which the other person experiences, is important in itself (“What, the customer treated you like that?! Tell me about it.”). Mutual sympathy is expected and nurtured.

In teams, which keep their distance, the inner life does not play a great role for the others in the team. You are formal and keep your distance. Personal and private matters tend to be excluded from communication. You know little about each other. What is decisive is that you can work undisturbed by emotional processes.