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Comprehension Circle

Every comprehension renews itself, again and again. This is because comprehension alters the psychological process and thus requires renewed comprehension. Something, which up until now was plausible, can become implausible and requires a new process of making plausible or it must remain in the implausible. In practice, someone wishes fervently to at last be recognised by his father for his professional success (plausible, but dysfunctional). He comprehends that holding on to this desire is a way of keeping himself dependent and small (plausible and functional). Further research shows that he becomes afraid when he makes himself independent of external recognition and relies on himself. This fear, though, is initially implausible. Therefore, every ‘afterwards’ is a new ‘before’ in the counselling process. This form of comprehension technique – which never firmly stipulates something, which knows that it will overtake itself if it was correct, that is always aimed at the moment, the specific aspect and the specific client and does not generalise – will do justice to the processual happening of the psyche.

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