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Change of Representations

Personal responsibility means deciding what I influence and what I accept. A necessary step in order to broaden these internal choice possibilities is being able to choose between the different self-representations. This is particularly important in the processing of internal conflicts, because psychological change happens when one can experience these conflicts in the activated state. On the one hand: “I feel (here and now), full of strength and have the desire to express myself clearly and concisely with my ideas!”. On the other hand: “Who do you think you are when you believe you can say something like that. You will only embarrass yourself!”. From a metatheory point of view, it is necessary, when one has identified with such different sides <b><a href=””>identifiziert</a></b>, to relate these two representations to each other. This only works if the counsellor supports the client to switch between these two entrenched positions and develop the internal dialogue<b><a href=””>prägnant</a></b>.

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