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Being Moved Emotionally

The ability of the counsellor to allow himself to be moved emotionally and to show the client that he is moved emotionally is not a technique in the strict sense (because this cannot be employed at will). Nevertheless, it is, when it happens, a highly effective intervention. For clients, whose problems have anyway often occurred due to a lack of early life resonance, it is often a very impressive experience when the counsellor spontaneously responds to them with ‘real’ feeling. To trigger ‘such a thing’ within the counsellor is then an indication that one can reach other people in their heart. This can lead to feelings of being important, being wanted, not having to do anything, of being closely connected. All these are potential experiences which have an influence on all guiding processes and can stimulate a change in decisions. The immediate experiencing of shared emotional flow enables a lot. Counsellors, therefore, need a broad, uninhibited resonance ability themselves, which is usually only possible through their own, lengthy personal experience.

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