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Acting without a Freedom Desire

If people are frustrated in the satisfying of freedom, this will, almost certainly, have an effect on their actions: caution, hesitation, mistrust against innovation and the unknown, waiting to see, searching for regulations, asking others, doing nothing unconsidered, fundamentally protecting themselves, letting others go first, exploring the situation, confessing to being overloaded, preferring to observe rather than doing it themselves, doing what everyone else is doing, avoiding experiments, keeping to routines and rituals, preventing exceptions, having clear norms and sticking to them. All actions are examined for escape routes. Because of this, they usually become slow, cumbersome and tend to slow others down, to unsettle and critically question them. It becomes difficult to give up the familiar and known and to leave this behind them. Demands for flexibility or fateful events are more difficult to cope with. They live more in the past than in the future.

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